Electrical Installations

– Construction of new electrical installations
– Reconstruction of old electrical installations
– Implementation of energy-saving technologies
– Industrial electrical installation works
– Solar panels sales and installation

Electrical and Telecommunications Networks

– Installation of up to 35-kV cable and aerial lines
– Construction and reconstruction of substations
– Installation of temporary lines at construction sites, installation of temporary substations
– Construction of street lighting
– Construction of canalization for electrical and telecommunications networks

Low-current Systems

Execution of projects for the establishment of communication lines, security and fire alarm systems and installation of video surveillance systems.

Cathodic Protection

We are the only company in Estonia that deals with the design and installation of cathodic protection for underground communication lines, pipelines, harbor pierces, tanks and reservoirs.

Pentair Thermal Management

We are official representative on Pentair Thermal Management (former Tyco Thermal Controls) in Estonia.
We offer solutions for trace heating, floor heating and deicing. Our solution match both residential and industrial needs.
Offering trace heating solutions for industry we bring to local market world’s best techniques and practices. Ordering trace heating solutions from us, our clients can easily implement most ambitious and difficult projects.

We also execute design work

We execute design work in our fields of activity.